This is how it all begins

I’ve spent alot of years in the blogosphere, spewing my college minded rambles all over the internet and keeping up on the lives on dozens of people I knew only through their words and making some notes of my own for the benefit of no one but myself.  Recently, as I lurked through my usual selections of websites, I came across a list. The idea was inspiring.  I had been wanting to do something out of the ordinary, out of my comfort zone, and a list of my own seemed to be a good idea. 

I have a boyfriend who is all I have ever wanted.  I have a good job and a nice roof over my head.  I own nice things and my bank account has a heathly balance for one of the first times in my life.  I’m happy and so very comfortable.  I’m settling in, you might say.  If I’m completely honest, I have to tell you that my life has stagnated a bit.  I can’t say I’m not enjoying my rut but the familiars of the everyday often lack the passion and excitement I sometimes crave.  I want a hobby.  I want something to feel passionate about.  I want stories to tell my children.

I made a list because I want more from my life.

Once I had settled on the idea, I had to define to parameters.  Not too many items, a reasonable deadline, choices that had a purpose in mind.  I wanted to fill my list with things I had never done and I think I’ve done a damn good job.  750 days to finish 75 tasks.  2 years and 20 days and I’ll log it all right here.

I start May 22nd, wish me luck!    


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