Can I tell you something? I don’t think bees are this busy.

I wish I could fill pages with the misadventures of the last months of my life, but sadly, the story of those days would fill up no more than a few paragraphs.

I have been about the busy-ness of living a normal, coupled life. Trust me, it’s not as exciting as it sounds. My days are filled with the everyday humdrum of routine mixed up with a hint of prayers being answered and dreams coming true.

I can’t recall a happier time, though that isn’t to say that every moment has been a blessing. I think I have finally found the mix of good and bad and ugly that fits me perfectly. I have a love(r), and a good job (with a growing paycheck), and a healthy body, and a clear mind and a messy room. I also have a button-pusher, and long, exhausting days, and moments of sheer insanity, and let’s not forget that messy room.

I am beginning to see myself through the eyes of one who loves me for me. He has a way of focusing on everything that is right instead of my old stand-by way of looking at everything that is absolutely wrong. I can’t say he loves my faults but he understands them and appreciates them so much more than I ever have.
He makes me want to be better and because of him I demand more from life than I have in the past. I want to squeeze out every second of joy I possibly can. I want stories and accomplishments and notches on my belt. I want to grow (up) and experience the world in new ways.

This is the space I hope to record those experiences, those accomplishments.  I can’t promise consistency but I can promise to try.


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