Our Endless, Numbered Days

Yesterday was my birthday and I must admit to being more than a little dramatic in my last post.  Though the frustration of my current marital status continues to linger just under the surface, the weekend was noticably void of any type of dread or anxiety.  I think, however, the absence was due more to the distraction of a good time and the influx of alcohol than to any ability on part to just get over things.

Ebin, understanding my frustration, also made a considered effort to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible and I have to say the only way he could have done a better job is if he spent the entire weekend buying me puppies and feeding me cake with his shirt off.  Because that would have been amazing.   

Seriously, though, the man treated me like a complete queen and I don’t know what I ever did to deserve someone so special. 

Friday night, we tried to relive the party days of our youths with a small pub crawl.  We started at Moon River for pizza and beer, which turned into the Casbah for hookahs and beer and ended at the London Bridge with a little roller bowling and beer.  I’d like to think we kept up with the night as someone still in their 20s should be able to do.  Sadly, I must admit we fell far short and left the night to more experienced (and younger) revellers. 

Saturday was leisurely but ended with a bang.  After a day filled with napping (to recover from Friday night, you know) and shopping, we made our way to downtown Fernandina Beach for my surprise dinner celebration.  Even more suprising was the horse and carriage that arrived shortly after we did and whisked us away for a very romantic turn around town.  Most of the city was built in late 1800’s and every building has some sort of long, twisted history, so the trip was fascinating.  Though I tend to find things like carriage rides rather cheesy, I absolutely loved every second of ours. 

We ate dinner at Espana and treated ourselves to tapas and paella and lots of sangria.  Afterwards, we walked down to the waterfront, toured the docks and then headed back to town for a little Cheesecake Factory and late night television.

On Sunday, my actual birthday, we packed up the car and headed north again for the beach at Little Talbot Island.  We B-B-Q’ed and soaked in the sun for hours.  We had such a great time and completely lost ourselves in the sand and surf. 

For all of the dreadful build up, I can’t remember a better birthday.  Ever.  I love that I love someone who likes to celebrate my birthday as much as I do.  I love that he’s thankful that I came into this world and am in his life now.  I love that he loves me so much he planned for weeks to create an entire weekend filled with the people and places that I love the most.  I hope he knows how much I adore him and how I wish I knew a better way to return his affections.       

So Ebin, thank you.  You make my world the most wonderful, amazing, special, love-filled bit of space in the universe and I was truly blessed the day came into my life.  You are the best present, the only present, I could ever want. 


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