WTF Jacksonville?!

Seriously Jacksonville?!  This is how you win me back?

Because the lingering effects of gunshots and motorcycle fatalities on my mental state don’t seem to mean much of anything, the universe has stuck it to me yet again with this little treasure trove full of wonderment and shattered glass. 

This month has sucked a big one, to say the least, and the continued series of weekly traumas have led me to think that someone out there has a really big voodoo doll with my face all over it.    

We made it out of town on Friday and actually managed to eek out some fun during our short holiday in south Florida.  Coming back, we left late and made a few stops along the way so it was touching midnight when we finally pulled into the driveway and shut off the car.  Ebin went around to the back to unload the suitcase and that is when all hell broke loose.  Well, maybe not quite hell but for sure the trunk hinge, which then caused the rather pointed corner of the trunk to fall back into the window and break the window into a million little pieces.

At midnight.  On a Sunday.  When everything and everyone except the neighborhood crack dealer has closed up shop. 

And so, to you, the person (or people) I seem to have offended along the way, currently sticking pins into the cloth and stuffing version of myself, I am R-E-A-L-L-Y sorry.  Please call off your hounds and your curses.  I’ll be good, I promise.


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