The List: Buy a new computer

New Computer - Hooray

After only two months of sitting around, thinking, “I should really get started working on the list“, I can proudly state that I made number 52 my bitch.

Two years ago, a friend of mine let me borrow her computer when my own laptop was reclaimed at the end of my employment contract.  About three months ago, she called to ask for it back.  I had been expecting the call but I don’t think I was quite prepared for the aching void that formed in my heart in the shape of her shiny, white Macbook.  I made do, for a while, stealing time on my boyfriend’s computer when he wasn’t using it.  Sometimes, I’d even stayed late at work to pinch in a few minutes of checking emails or browsing Etsy.

I hated not having a computer at home.  I felt so completely out of touch.  Work certainly doesn’t allow time for keeping up with this, or any other blog, and it’s really hard to write well when your boyfriend keeps looking at you with those big, beautiful wanna-make-out eyes.  Without a computer, I had to do other odd and unpleasant things, like read books or go to stores to purchase things.

But computers ain’t cheap.  They’re alot of things, but inexpensively awesome is a rare find.  My first problem – I set my standards high.  I knew what I wanted and went to the Apple store almost every week to visit.  Like my boyfriend standing in front of the dessert case of our favorite local bistro, I would drool longingly over the delicious, silver keys of the Macbook Pro.  I debated back and forth over the pros and cons of a glossy screen versus a matte screen.  I’d finger the software cases lining the shelves at the back of the store and rationalize away the $1,000+ to purchase Adobe CS3 Suite.  In total, I was looking at debiting over $3,000 from my very needy checking account and in my head, it was SO worth it.

This went on for weeks and I just could never do it.  The miser in me just couldn’t fork over that much cash on something that wouldn’t ever really earn its keep.  But still, I drooled.

Then one night after we returned from North Carolina, Ebin’s brother called to ask for help.  Their computer was dead – like really, had a heart attack and fell dead to the floor – and would Ebin offer his expert opinion on this new laptop they were looking to purchase.

And that is when I fell in love with HP and the glossy, black notebook they were offering at an absolutely ridiculous price.  For less that $600, I could be the proud new owner of a glorious notebook with practically every feature I could have wanted in a PC.  I know – What’s the catch, right?  Was it some 1999 model refurbished and shinied up with a bit of spit and polish?  Was it missing something major, like a the screen or the hard drive?  No catch – brand new with screen AND hard drive.  For $550!

At first, I didn’t want to seem as though I was copying Ebin’s brother so I tried to act uninterested but inside, my heart was running through flowered meadows.  I wondered, could this be “the one”?  The computer I had been waiting for?  Was this my prince in glossy, black armor?

I could only be sure if I made the leap and so I bought it.  After some minor hiccups involving Circuit City, their really poorly trained sales people and the craptastic service offered by their internal tech service, Firedog, I confirmed that this computer is totally and completely AWESOME!  What’s better, Ebin’s been really open about bringing a third party into our relationship.  He even went with me to the store and helped track down the last remaining model in Jacksonville.  And now, it’s just the three of us – Ebin and me and my computer – and we’re all getting along REALLY well.  Sometimes, he gets this look on his face when he catches me making out with the thing, but what can you do?


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