It’s Friday, hooray for Friday!   I’ve decided to celebrate the least productive day of the week with the least productive post I could think of – questions and answers.  All that you never wanted to ask or ever cared to know and then some.

Q.  For obvious reasons, Friday is your favorite day of the work week.  What are a few more of your favorite things?

A.  Okay, I’m going to shoot these off as I think of them, so here goes:  The Format, thai food, Target, Venti sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce non-fat lattes, Special K bars, Ryan Adams, San Francisco, dark chocolate, the Gap, falafel with hummus, the Food Network, the Avett Brothers, a really good concert, HGTV, The Sound of Music, Patty Griffin, Paste Magazine, ridiculous reality tv, and my bed. 

Q.  What is the best thing you saw last week?  What was the worst?

A.  The best – We saw the Simpson’s movie on Wednesday.  It was wonderfully hilarious.  The worst (national tragedies aside) – the movie had a preview for a live action, full-length, feature film remake of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” starring Jason Lee that looked ungodly.  A close runner up would be the cold sore infecting my boyfriend’s top lip.  That thing is nasty.

Q.  Name one thing that makes your skin crawl.

A.  Birds.  Any thing with wings, really.  I can’t explain it. 

Q.  What is the nerdiest conversation you have had recently?

A.  A co-worker of Ebin’s and I discussed the virtues and versatility of our mutually favorite font, Myriad Pro, over lunch this week.  We went on for at least ten minutes. 

Q.  How did you meet your boyfriend?

A.  A long time ago, when I was but a wee college sophmore, some mutual friends invited Ebin to a party.  That happened about twenty gagillion times over the next three years but somehow we never actually talked until our senior year.  Then, in 2004, one of those friends got married. Ebin and I were both in the wedding and we hit it off at the rehearsal dinner.  We’ve been hitting it off ever since. (There really is so much more to the story but it’s Friday and I don’t have time to type out all the silly details.  I have drinking to do. Remind me, though, to tell you all about it later.)

Q.  What exactly do you do all day?

A.  That depends almost entirely on who you ask. 

Q.  If you were asked to give a commencement speech, what would you want to say?

A.  We only get one shot at this, live life as best you can.  Find love.  Don’t take everything so seriously, laugh as much as you can.  Don’t waste time on hate and intolerance.  A different point of view is not a flaw, it’s what makes the world interesting.  Nobody is perfect, no one person is always right.  We’ve all made poor choices and terrible mistakes.  But deep, deep down each and every one of us has something to bring to the feast.   

Q.  You’re pretty weird.  Other than asking yourself questions and then answering them, what would you say is the oddest thing about you?

A.  I could list off so many things but I think the one that perplexes people the most is that I find great pleasure in smelling my hair.  It’s something I have done since I was a small child and the habit is impossible to break.  I do it so much without even thinking about it and I’ve even caused a slight case of cubital tunnel syndrome from smelling it while I work.  Totally worth it, though.  I need that habit like whores need their crack.

Q.  Last and most certainly least, which invasion would you prefer, robots or aliens?

A.  Well, I’ve given this alot of thought (more than I probably should) and I think that I would take the robots over the aliens.  Robots may be made of steel and have no soul but aliens, from what I hear, have probes of all shapes and sizes.  Ouch.


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