The Future Mrs.

Okay, so I’m getting married!  Hooray!

In the last few weeks, I have become a pro at relating the story of our engagement to friends and family and strangers in line at the grocery store.  I don’t mind because it’s quite possibly my favorite story ever.

My job is stressful and the weeks leading up to now have been overwhelmingly so.  When my boss came in on Friday morning to tell me he was giving me the rest of the day off, I nearly cried with relief at the thought of taking a short break.  I didn’t think anything of it, though, except that he saw the my hard work and wanted to offer something in appreciation.  I called Ebin immediately and he sounded surprised by the generosity.  We made plans for lunch and I told him I would call him when I left the office.  When I called him, just an hour later he was in the car.

“Babe, where are you going?” I asked, irritated by his apparent forgetfulness of our date.  “We were supposed to do lunch.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” he answered.  “Go home, pack your bags and I’ll pick you up at two.  Oh, and make sure you pack something nice to wear.”


My brain jumped immediately to THIS IS IT but then, remembering past experiences, I thought maybe I shouldn’t expect anything too momentous from this trip except a nice dinner.  So, I went home, packed and did my very best impression of someone playing it cool.  I kept telling myself that the trip was in honor of our year and a half anniversary and nothing more.

When he picked me up, I had no idea where we were headed and didn’t know for sure until we pulled into Savannah and pulled up to the B & B.  We fell in love with the city when we visited for an afternoon in July so I was really excited to be back with time to explore.  I found out quickly, though, that he had other ideas and any exploration would have to be done the next day.  We had dinner plans.  Very fancy dinner plans at a very fancy restaurant.

As I was getting ready, my brain was on FIRE.  I was so excited I could practically feel the ring on my finger.  Forget any and all ideas about enjoying the trip with no expecation, I was positive we would be engaged within hours.  He re enjoyed a pedicab ride to the restaurant, I sat next to him, trying to pretend that I was blissfully unaware of what he was about to do.  When we walked into the restaurant, everyone was so friendly.  Too friendly, as if they knew something special was about to go down.  We had a lovely meal and as we were wrapping up dessert, Ebin excused himself to “go to the bathroom.”  Yeah right.

As Ebin was returning to the table, I scanned his pockets for traces of boxes and circles, but there was nothing.  This guy is clever, I thought.  A little too clever, maybe because the check came and went, the waited bid us good night and we walked out of the restaurant NOT ENGAGED!  We walked down the street to Starbucks, my mind swirling and confused and disappointed.  After coffee, and still no proposal, we caught a pedicab back to the inn.  And then it started raining.  When we arrived at the door, I was tired and wet and really mad at myself for expecting more from our evening.  Ebin asked if I wanted to take a walk and I snapped no and said I just wanted to go to sleep.

As I lay in bed a few minutes later, I prayed and prayed that God would help me enjoy the trip, expectation free.  Given what  happened the next day, He must have been listening.

When we woke up the next morning, Ebin asked if I wanted to take that walk we missed before breakfast.  I said sure, got dressed and grabbed the camera.  It was my first full day in Savannah, I was not going anywhere without a camera.  We walked around the block, stopping to take pictures here and there and eventually wandered back to the B&B.  Before going inside, Ebin said he wanted to get a picture of us in the gazeebo down the street.  Ebin and I tend to be somewhat obsessive self portrait takers, so this seemed to be a perfectly normal request.

We walked down the street to Whitfield Square which boasted a beautiful white gazeebo and beautiful, Victorian mansions on every side.  Once inside, I set up the camera and took a practice shot.  Satisfied, I set the timer and ran back to Ebin before the shutter clicked.  We stood there for a moment, and then, just before the camera went off, I felt a tug on my hand.  Looking to the side, I was shocked to see Ebin on his knee.

His eyes sparkled and his voice trembled as he told me he loved me.  Then he asked me the one question I had waited more than two years to hear.  Tears poured down my face as I pulled him up and threw my arms around him.  Yes,  YES!

And that’s how it happened.  The moment was more perfect than I could have ever imagined, so much better than I expected.  I floated for the rest of the day, so excited to be the future Mrs. Ebin Holt.

Actually, I think I might still be floating.

(See the all the pictures from our trip in the set, Engage!)


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