7 Days – Day 5

I actually posted two photos today, one with each of my most beloveds.

The first is of my mom and I.  My mom is one my absolute favorite people in the world and I am so glad she’s in town early to help me prepare for Saturday.  i snapped this while we were running around town and this one photo is enough to get my license revoked indefinitely.  Talking on the phone AND taking a picture while behind the wheel has got to be breaking some law somewhere.  (Rest assured, FHP, we were stopped at a stop light.) There are a million and one things that go into planning a wedding and I didn’t realize how much I was missing until she got here and started asking questions.  Things like a cake cutter, and glasses for toasting, and much, much more.  Thank God Mom is here!

The second is a quick shot of my and my babe grabbing some food at the end of the night.  Words cannot express how excited I am to marry this man.  He is the very best thing to ever, ever happen to me.  Knowing that at the end of this week, I will walk down the aisle and meet him there makes all of this hard work, and stress and anxiety so very worth it.

3 Days and counting!


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