7 Days – Day 7

The ceremony has been rehearsed, the accompanying dinner consumed and Ebin and I have shared our last few moments together before we become husband and wife.  We took a quick moment at the end of the night to squeeze in a practice dance and good night kiss.  In just a few brief hours, I will marry my very best friend and the love of my life.  This moment once felt as if it would never get here and now I can hardly believe we are here so soon.

I am so excited, so anxious and so thankful that I’ve been able to capture these little moments this week.  If not for 7 Days, this week would have gone by in a blur.

It’s already after midnight, so technically, today is my wedding day!  The moment I’ve waited my entire life for is just hours away.  There are so many things I have fluttering around inside, but the need to sleep well is quickly winning out over my desire to record everything in an eloquent and wonderful way.

14 hours and counting.  I can’t wait.  I just cannot wait.


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