The List: Get Married

Mr. and Mrs., originally uploaded by Mandy P.

Three years ago at a friend’s wedding, I looked across a room and saw Ebin. I knew then, in that moment, that I wanted to marry him. Crazy, I know, but true.

Two years ago, after pining and chasing after him for more than 9 months, Ebin sat across a room and told me he was ready to give us a shot.

Moments from our day that I never want to forget:

  • Watching as six months of planning and anticipation fell seamlessly into one perfect day.
  • Standing in the narthex of the church, heart pounding, watching bridesmaids disappear down the aisle.
The worlds most perfect bouquet

The world's most perfect bouquet

  • Waiting for the doors to open, hearing the music begin, knowing that my life was about to change forever.
  • Looking at the tears well up in Ebin’s eyes as my father and I begin down the aisle.
  • Fighting against my own waves of emotion, walking down the aisle telling myself to smile. “This is the happiest day of your life, after all. Maybe you should look the part.”
Newly wed

Newly wed

  • Wondering when they had time to extend the aisle another mile. It did not seem this long in rehersal.
  • Arriving at the alter and thinking, this is it. At last.
  • Holding hands, giving rings, weeping with joy as he recites his vows. In one wonderful moment, he reaches across to wipe a single, happy tear from my cheek.
  • Grasping his hand with fierceness as the ceremony comes to a close, realizing that we are finally married!
  • Pulling him closer as we kiss our first married kiss. The rest of the world melts away.
  • The smiling, from this point on, does not stop for days.
  • We make a field trip to the park to take pictures. The park is very crowded but everyone makes way for the bride and the groom. The people, it also seems, cannot stop smiling.
  • Squinting into the bright blue sky. Wishing I had thought enough to bring my sunglasses.
First Dance

First Dance

  • Singing to Ebin as we dance our first dance. I hope he knows I’ve been “Swept Away.”
  • Friends and family and flowers and cake and dancing and beer and jelly beans.
  • The world’s most perfect fried green tomato BLT.
  • An amazing catering staff and their wonderbasket of food.
  • Knowing this is one party I never want to leave.
Jelly Bean Favors and our monogrammed bags

Jelly Bean Favors and our monogrammed bags

  • Even more smiling.
  • Final goodbyes and out the front door. Dozens on rose petals fall down the front of my dress.
  • Walking to the car covered in lotion and condoms. One classy operation.
  • Home to change and an unplanned meet up with friends. After a beer, or two, a quick farewell and then off into the sunset.
    One million lovely moments, one entirely perfect day.

    Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After

    (See the whole set from our wedding weekend, At Last, and our honeymoon in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, Over The Moon.)


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