So Long 26

Thanks for so many GREAT memories!

1. First Trip to Savannah, 2. Vacayed with the Holts, 3. My neighbor was killed in the backyard, 4. The Format!, 5. Put up a roof, 6. Our Gnome Was Stolen, 7. Date Night, 8. Went to see the Suns, 9. Andrew played with Copeland, 10. Adventured on Labor Day, 11. Went to my first pro football game, 12. Got Engaged, 13. Went to Vegas, 14. Catie Got Engaged, 15. Made Thanksgiving Dinner all by myself, 16. Spent an evening with Kelly Joe Phelps, 17. Saw the Avett Brothers 4 times in concert, 18. Talked Ebin into buying a very nice camera, 19. Went to Puerto Rico, twice, 20. Got a Pedicure, at last, 21. Got Married, 22. Put on the Ritz, 23. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, 24. Honeymooned, 25. “Camped” In the Woods


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