7 Days – Day 4

Today sucked.

Early this morning, I heard a really loud THUD! and bolted out of bed.  We have a few fairly large trees in the front yard of our home and I just knew one of those trees had come crashing through one of the front rooms.  I shook Ebin awake and headed down to hall to see the extent of the damage.  The tree closest to our house had been dropping some medium size limbs recently (even damaging Ebin’s car door) so I was terrified about what I would find when I reached the front of the house.  I flicked on the light and was shocked to see…nothing.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the house.  I peeked out the front door and the large window in the guest room and everything looked exactly the same as it had been before we headed to bed.  Weird.  Ebin, who had joined me in my quest for insurance claims, told me I was obviously hearing things and to go back to bed.

A few hours later, I was heading down the driveway on my way to work when I looked up and saw a MASSIVE limb jutting out over the roof peak of the house.  I slammed the car into park and went around to the side of house only to find that the other end of that MASSIVE limb had tunneled its way through the roof and into the attic.

Hearing things my ass!

The rest of our day was spent trying to cover the limb (and the fairly large hole it created) to protect the house against rain or pesky intruders, drinking heavily and trying to find someone who can help us fix this disaster.  We have absolutely no idea how much this is going to cost us but I’m going to assume it’ll be every penny of the money we had ear marked for vacation.

To cope, I finished off a bottle of Rasberry Lambec and then took a picture of my reflection in the bottle.

I suppose I can find consolation in knowing that I was right.  So, so very right.  Stupid tree.


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