Boys and Their Toys

Originally uploaded by Mandy.Holt.

When Ebin bought this house almost two years, he came to the party empty handed. He had no furniture, no decorating sense and no yard tools. The first two, for him, were of secondary importance. For Ebin, the yard toys were the golden chalice of home ownership. Unfortunately, I was there to convince him that other things, like sofas and tables and lamps and engagement rings were of far more importance than any silly old grass cutter. The neighbors even furthered my cause by offering the use of their well stocked sheds anytime he wanted. I mean, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Am I right?

But ever so slowly, as my list of home must haves dwindled, the yard began to take center stage once again. When the neighbor’s mower was rendered useless (I suspect sabotage), the hints began falling like bombs over Baghdad. And then, early this week, an email popped into my inbox from my beloved with a picture of a lawn mower and a link this “GREAT DEAL” he found on His enthusiasm was adorable, I just couldn’t refuse. I mean, he had been incredibly giving and patient as we made non-tool purchase after non-tool purchase, it was only fair to give in on this one thing.

But just this one.


Next purchase, a puppy.


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