He’s All Growns Up

Today, my husband turns 30.  The big 3-0.  Since I’ve known with Ebin, he has been dreading this day.  It always surprised me a bit because he’s a boy and boys don’t worry about things like age.   But thirty was never something he wanted to talk about or even imagine.  In the last year or so, we’ve watched as his closest friends reach this milestone and now that his turn is here, he is taking the day in surprising stride, acting like the bona fide grown up he is about to become.

For my part, I want to make his day as special and memorable as possible.  I’ve spent the last weeks dreaming up the “perfect” 30th birthday surprise and, if I do say so myself, I think I’ve succeeded.  More important than any present, though, is marking the day of this remarkable man.

When I met Ebin in college, I had no idea that this shy, quiet boy with the long, curly hair was to become the one and only person I never want to be without.  He is my best friend, my soulmate and my most ardent supporter.  He loves and gives so unconditionally my selfish little heart barely knows how to respond.  His love lifts me up and I will never be able thank God enough for making me Ebin’s wife.

Ebin is the realization of years of tears and prayer.  He endured things with me before we were even dating that would have driven weaker men miles away.   He is loyal and giving, he adores his family and can’t wait to start one of our own.  He makes me laugh harder and  live better.  He only wants for my happiness and loves me with his whole heart, his whole being.  Things aren’t always shiny in our marriage but we both know we are in this thing forever.

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, anywhere I wouldn’t go.  To the ends of the earth and back, there isn’t anything he doesn’t deserve.

Happy birthday, beloved Husband.  I love you more than I can possibly ever tell you and am so extremely grateful for the hundreds of thousands of ways you bless my life every single day.

You and me, babe.


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