The Big Reveal

For his birthday, I tried really hard to buy Ebin a gift that he would use for years and years to come.  Something that would incorporate his interests and hobbies.  Something he would love.

For a long time before he met me, Ebin was a bit of a mountain man.  He hiked, he camped, he lugged 50 plus pounds of gear across parts of the Appalachian trail on purpose.  In spite of all this rugged experience, Ebin lack the necessary supplies for more mundane camping adventures.  That’s where I came in.  For his birthday, I filled in the holes with everything we would need to go camping just the two of us.

i bought a tent, sleeping bags, pillows, mess kits, flashlights, water bottles, a coffee maker, everything.  I even bought a bag of marshmallows for campfire roasting.  For the big surprise reveal, I worked all day setting everything up in our living room so he could see it all as soon as he walked in.

When he walked in the door, his face said it all – he loved it!

We ended the evening with a fantastic dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  Our table overlooked the river and downtown Jacksonville.  It was perfect.

This weekend, we’re leaving for a tour of North Carolina to continue the birthday festivities.  Hope you had a fantastic birthday, babe.  I love you.


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