Last weekend, we hit the road for North Carolina to continue Ebin’s 30th Birthday celebration.  Originally, our plan was to spend one night in Raleigh, one night in Charlotte and one night in Asheville, though we ultimately dropped Asheville in favor of spending more time in Charlotte with Ebin’s family.

Raleigh was great and we didn’t spend nearly enough time there.  This trip was kind of a scouting trip for our next move and so far, the consensus is I want to go to there.  Charlotte and King’s Mountain were filled with good times and good people.  We celebrated with Ebin’s parents, brother and sister in law.  There was cake and presents and bread pudding from my Rodi, favorite restaurant in Gastonia.

On Sunday before we left, Ebin and I decided to hike King’s Pinnacle.  This decision was either a really good decision or a really bad one.  Even now, days later, I can’t decide which one.  The following is a re-enactment of the monologue running through my head throughout the hike.  Certain portions may be exaggerated for dramatic effect.

In the parking lot, about to get going: Woo-hoo!  Let’s do this thing! I walk miles everyday, I’ve totally got this.

10 minutes later: Ohh, pretty trees.  Look at all the colors and pretty.  Pretty!

Halfway up: Is this all you got, King’s Pinnacle?  Is this what guidebooks consider strenuous?  Let’s run to the top.

5 minutes later: Oh my, this is getting steep.  And rocky.  And hard.  I’ve still got this though.

15 minutes later: OH MY GOD!  Please kill me now.  I know, let’s pretend to stop and take pictures of the trees.  Can’t let on that this mountain wants me dead.

3/4 way up: When did we take the trail for Everest? And who added 20 lb weights to my legs?   Let’s take some more pictures of trees.  Pretty, stupid trees on this stupid steep mountain.

10 minutes later: So this is what it feel likes to die?  Must take more pictures of rocks and trees so people will know the last things I saw before I perished in the wilderness.  Oh my god, is that 80-year old woman passing me?

The top: We did it!  We made it!  Let’s take even more pictures! Smile like it was easy.

100 feet headed down:  Ow.  I just fell down a mountain.  In slow motion.  Did those 16-year olds see me?  Kill me, now.

10 minutes later: Slowly, slowly.

2 minutes later: Fell again.  Gravity and mountain, you are officially on my sh%t list. 

Halfway down: Oh, hello there, familiar flat terrain.  I’ve missed you, dear friend.

20 minutes later: OMG this is the trail that never ends. Make it stop, please, make it stop.

The end of the trail:  That was awesome!  Who wants to go again?!  I’ve totally got this.

And scene.

I will say, in spite of all the dying and the falling down mountains, we had a really great time.  It was fun to do something Ebin really loves to do, even if we were in terrible shape and had no business on that mountain.  I might even think about possibly doing something similar to that hike again.  Just one word of advice for those who may wish to venture in our brave footsteps – it is not advised to hike up and fall down a mountain and then climb in your car and drive 7 hours home.  Just don’t.

The whole set of our Carolina trip and other birthday adventures can be seen here: Ebin’s 30th birthday.


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