Happy Birthday, Patrick

Today, my “little” brother Patrick turns 21.  This is the hardest thing in the world for me to comprehend.  Although he’s now legally allowed to walk into a bar and get totally wasted, in my mind, he will always look like this:

So freaking adorable.

When I went away to college in 1999, he was ten years old, entering the 5th grade and stood only to my shoulders.  He also thought I was pretty awesome.  So much changed in those four years, it was hard to return home and find a near stranger living in the house.  Patrick was 15, in high school, and towered over me at nearly 6 feet tall.  The ground under my feet had tarnished, somewhat, and I struggled with the loss of the innocent little boy I had left behind.

Now, he’s almost a senior in college and one year away from striking out on his own in the real world.  Though we struggle from time to time, I’m so proud of the guy he’s turning into and I hope that, somewhere along the line, I might have had some sort of influence on the course of his life.

Happy Birthday, Patrick.  Please don’t kill me for posting these pictures on the internet.  Love ya!

Your Awesome Sister,



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