The Wine Tour o’Torture

I have been known to enjoy a nice glass of wine.   Actually, I’ve been known to enjoy a few glasses but that is neither here nor there.  So, when my parents mentioned they were traveling to North Carolina this summer to do a wine and BBQ tour, I said we were in.  It sounded like the perfect idea for a nice, relaxing vacation.  That is until I was 2 and 1/2 months pregnant then the whole idea was just plain torture.

We spent four days in NC with my parents, traveling across the state and visiting vineyards and BBQ restaurants all along the way.  I discovered that there is little to do at a winery other than drink wine.  I also discovered that BBQ pits and my newly formed aversions to all kinds of meat do not mix well.  It’s actually the perfect recipe for misery.

At least Ebin enjoyed himself.

Thankfully, the company was wonderful, the scenery gorgeous.  We were also able to spend a few days with our brand, new nephew and share our good news with my brother-in-law and his wife.

But, you should know, Baby, that this trip will be added to the invoice I plan on presenting you at age 18.  You owe me, little one.  Big time.

View the entire set, the Wine Tour o’Torture on Flickr.


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