Somewhere Over the Weekend

The grocery store was having a buy one, get one free sale on Saturday, so I stocked up. This should get me through the week.  I hope.

Weekends are a mixed bag around here.  I love that I have Ebin all to myself for two whole days.  Unless we’re out of town, we have no commitments, our time is our own and we can be as productive or as lazy as  we want.  So, we lounge and we laze and try to knock at least one or two things off the to do list.  It feels great…until Monday rolls around and the laundry’s not done, the floors are still covered in dog hair and the Goodwill pile is sitting by the door, waiting to go.

For the last year or so, cleaning the office has been the bane of my existence.  One weekend we’ll attempt to clear it out only to have the work dashed the next week when we have guests and the other room clutter needs a temporary home.  And so, the piles go in, the piles go out and the room remains the household catchall.  I hate it.

I begin to panic when I think about sticking a baby in the middle of all the chaos.  We’re planning on  transforming half of the room into a nursery over the next few months and I’m slightly panicked.  Hopefully, the nesting instinct will take over soon and I’ll be able to work miracles but for now, I walk in the room, get totally overwhelmed and walk right back out.

One issue of serious concern has been the never-ending flood of old paperwork.  I’m talking reams and reams of paper, more than 6 solid years of bills, insurance statements and paycheck stubs, sitting in a large box in the middle of the room.  God knows we tried to get rid of it all.  We’d burned out two shredders in an attempt to securely discard the waste and who knows how many more it would take before we actually finished the task.  The box, it would seem, was becoming a constant.  That box was my albatross.

That is, until I went to Office Max over the weekend and found out they do secure shredding for 59 cents a pound.  Are you kidding me?  Why has no one told me this?  Two hours of sorting and one drive across town later and I was free.  The stack was a foot and a half high but it took the guy at Office Max less than one minute to rid me of about 16 pounds of dead weight.

Driving away from the store, Ebin and I were renewed.  In fact, we went home and made serious clutter-clearing strides all over the house.  But, we have so much left to do before we’re even close to being baby ready.  We have 27 weekends left and I have no idea how we’ll accomplish it all.  Here’s a small sampling of our growing to-do list:

  • Create filing system and file remaining paperwork
  • Sort magazines and recycle at least half
  • Take pictures of treadmill and list on Craigslist
  • Futon and bookshelf to Patrick, find a new home for books
  • Closetmaid 1/2 office closet, hall linen closet and guest room closet
  • Guest room clutter sorting and removal
  • Paint guest room and guest bath
  • Rearrange master bedroom furniture
  • Purchase and install ceiling fans
  • Touch up paint office/future nursery
  • Purchase, assemble, arrange nursery furniture
  • And on, and on, and on

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have just a few things to do.  Send help.

…and chocolate.

…and pickles.


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