14 Weeks

Me and Baby E at 14 weeks.

A thick layer of rain clouds moved in this afternoon, drowning out the light and making my little photoshoot a little difficult.  After struggling with multiple cameras and turning the overhead lights on and off, I decided blurry was fine.  Pregnancy fatigue, FTW!

Status Update: I’m practically living in these capri pants, thanks in large part to the heat, my aversion to shorts and the nice, elastic waistband that sits well below my bulging bump.  When my mom was in town a few weeks ago, we were lucky to find these pants at a regular store and bought three pairs.  Project Eat Better to Help the Poop Situation is in full effect, though I suspect this weekend’s festivities might put a damper on things.  My weight is maintaining nicely although I’m a little nervous to step on my Wii Fit for it tell me otherwise.  Why doesn’t that thing have a pregnancy setting.  Instead, my poor little Mii will have to suffer the indignity of growing more and more “obese.”

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!

100 Days down (omg, 100 days?! That’s awesome!), 180 days to go!


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