15 Weeks

Me and Baby E at 15 Weeks

Someone at work this week told me that I was really starting to show.  The next day, my go to pair of black pants refused to even zip.  Apparently, this baby has decided to announce its presence and I am no longer able to hide my belly behind a flowly top.  So, last night, Ebin and I went out and purchased my first pair of maternity pants and, let me tell you, today was heaven.  At least in the pants-that-fit arena.

As vain as it is, my belly size has been a bit of a sore point.  I always thought I would be one of those ladies that doesn’t look pregnant until, like, 8 months.  Instead, I’m going to look ready to burst in about 5 minutes.  The bright, silver lining is that I don’t appear pregnant anywhere else, unless you count my 25 chins.

Status update:  Still sooooo tired.  And now I’m not sleeping as well at night.  Thanks for the puffy eyes and dark circles, baby.  I’ll add the tubes of concealer to your invoice.  I finally stepped back on the Wii Fit last week only to find that it considers my minimal weight gain to be acceptable.  It also told me my Wii Fit age was 26.  It appears as though I’ll be having the Wii Fit’s baby next.

107 Days Down, 173 Days to go!


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