16 Weeks

Me, and Baby E, at 16 weeks.

We had our third doctor’s appointment this week and another chance to hear the heartbeat.  The beat was strong and sounded so much more like a heartbeat and less like the sound of horses galloping in the distance.  The beat was also REALLY loud, something our doctor said is due to the baby being remarkably active.  Amazing.

One night this week, after having consumed a fairly large bowl of chocolate ice cream, I felt a light tapping on the inside of my stomach.  This may or may not have been gas BUT it also may or may not have been the baby.  I’ve continued to feel these gas-like sensations and am convinced they are not fart bubbles but the oh-so-graceful movements of my angelic child.   The doctor said she thought it’s still too early, though, so who knows.

Our next appointment is the BIG one with the ultrasound and revelation, at long last, of girl parts or boy parts.  I literally cannot wait.

Status Update: Honestly, not much has changed since last week.  The weight is inching up (and down) and the belly is becoming more pronounced by the hour.  A coworker said I look as though I have a cantaloupe under my shirt although I feel like it looks more like a watermelon.  My appetite is HERE and would like you to know that there is no such thing as too many cheese fries.  Or freshly baked cookies.  Or ice cream.  You can, apparently, eat too much squash and broccoli as my stomach practically refuses to allow most vegetables down the hatch.  Nutrition shushmrition, I guess.  Seriously though, if you or someone you love has a helpful way to add vegetable servings to your diet without having to actually eat them, please let me know.  Another someone told me that I should be feeling less tired and I would’ve punched them in the mouth if I wasn’t so exhausted.  Growing a baby is hard work, ya’ll.  I’d tell you more about it but the couch is calling and my whole body is desperate for a nap.

114 days down, 166 days to go!


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