A Cautionary Tale

On Friday, finding ourselves with nothing else to do, Ebin and I decided to do some preliminary registry recon at a big box baby store.  We should have gone to the movies.

I thought we had a good handle on the items we’re going to need but if our baby requires even half the stuff filling the shelves of these stores, our tiny house is in trouble.  We think we have the major stuff figured out but what about all the little things?  The bottles and the pacifiers and the playmats?  What’s a must and what should we avoid?  We’re planning to register after we know the sex (August 19th!) so guidance on this issue is appreciated.

On a slightly related side note, what is with the gnarly selection of furniture in these stores?  Will I ever find a simple, white crib with clean lines and an affordable price tag?  All I want is a safe white box with the requisite slats that doesn’t transform into a jetliner when the child turns 21.  Apparently my choices are overly elaborate, incredibly ugly or just too freaking expensive.  Sigh.

After being completely overwhelmed by the baby emporium,  I asked Ebin if I could peek in a nearby maternity store.  Just to see what they have, I said.  An hour later (and 30 minutes past closing) we walked out with a very full bag and a very empty wallet.  I was able to find some work-appropriate dresses, which is the only thing I was actually looking for, plus a whole lot more we weren’t expecting to buy.

I will say this, those shop girls know what they are doing.  First they lure you in with free juice (and not just a glass but your very own 10 oz. bottle).  Then they “give you some time to look around,” and once you have an item or two, they kindly start a dressing room while you continue to shop.  That’s when they strike and the  oh-so-helpful sales girls sneak in dozens of clothing options they “think you might like.”  Before heading to the changing stall, I had picked out one, maybe two dresses but, somehow, those two dresses turned into a closet sized retail store filled to the brim with pants, tunics, leggings and skin cream.

After seeing some of her suggestions, I’m not exactly sure what the sales girl thought of me and my clothing choices.  One thing was for sure, she definitely thought I was loaded.  $80 leggings, $215 jeans, and a $75 tank top, I had no idea this maternity clothes business was such a racket.  We left the store with two dresses, two pairs of jeans, two shirts and a pair of pants.  I’m pretty proud that’s all we bought.

I spent 45 minutes just trying on clothes.  It was the most intense workout I’ve had in a while, which is not saying much, and I was sweaty and exhausted when we left the store.  So exhausted that I could barely even lift the spoonfuls of ice cream to my mouth later on at home.

So take heed, ye fellow parents-to-be, and learn from our mistake.  You should always go to the movies.  Always.



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2 responses to “A Cautionary Tale

  1. Well… I just wandered over here from Flickr… and found myself reading through. I hope you don’t mind!

    My advice on the baby stuff is to go with the bare minimum at first. After you have the baby, you’ll figure out what it is you’ll really need and be able to go back and get it.

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