What does this mean?!

When Ebin and I were dating, we spent one evening on a trip back home to see his parents watching old home movies. That one evening gave me more insight into my husband-to-be than I think I had gained in all of our time together before that night.  Tucked away on one of those dusty, old VHS tapes was a video of Ebin marveling at a full double rainbow arching over his childhood house.  Acting as narrator, Ebin described the event, putting on this ridiculous English accent – the kind of terrible imitation only eight year olds are capable of  – and doing his very best impression of a public television nature program host.  His amazement was palpable and, until this day, the video has remained one of the funniest moments of film I have ever watched.

That is, until I saw this man’s enthusiasm for the same rare event:

Too much, that’s what it means.



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2 responses to “What does this mean?!

  1. Omigoodness… that was kind of… scary. Ha ha! What was goin’ on with that guy?! (And why, oh, why did he post that on you tube!? Joke?)

    • splendorly

      I think he’s entirely serious but I don’t know what he was thinking posting it on YouTube. It’s gotten like 7 million hits, though, which is crazy. My favorite part is when he starts crying.

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