17 Weeks

Me, and Baby E, at 17 weeks.

Can you believe there are people at my office who still haven’t caught on that I’m pregnant?  Looking at this picture, I find that hard to believe  but I had lunch with a coworker this week and she was quite surprised to find out I was expecting.  I hate to imagine what she must have been thinking about my ever expanding middle prior to our lunch date.

I’ve started this new fun habit of waking up every morning at 5:30.  Most days, I’m able to fall back to sleep but then there are those nights where you suddenly have a pain in your neck and you start to worry you might have been infected with equine encephalitis.  Those nights are not fun.

Status Update:  We have 26 days until our next ultrasound and I’m trying my best to pretend that this is alot closer than it actually is.  I feel ginormous although I am beginning to enjoy the belly more and more.  There was a removable belly in the maternity store dressing room last weekend and I tried it on for Ebin.  The added girth was shocking and he could not believe I would ever be that huge.  I definitely thought I felt some baby dancing this week.  Mostly just some light brushing along the inside of my belly and not the sharp kicks and jabs I guess I was expecting.  Either way, it’s exciting.  And, because I haven’t mentioned it lately, the digestive issues seem to have regulated themselves somewhat, despite the fact that I have made no real effort to eat better in the last few days.  Enjoy those tater tots, baby, because I sure did!

121 days down, 159 days to go!



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2 responses to “17 Weeks

  1. Ben Wakeling

    Your office colleagues must be blind! You’re obviously pregnant…which is a good thing, right? I mean, some women are pregnant but just look fat.

    • splendorly

      I know! I think it’s the most obvious thing in the world but maybe they think I’ve had one too many bowls of ice cream.

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