19 Weeks

19 WeeksMe, and Baby E, at 19 Weeks

So, I missed last week because we traveled to my parents’ house for the weekend and there was packing and driving and shopping and lunching and churching and so many other things I just couldn’t do it.  Apologies.  (I did manage to snap some 18 weeks photos which you can find here and here.)  I will tell you, though, that nothing changed from the week before and really, if you think about it, by not posting I saved you from having to read a same old news blog post.  You’re welcome.

We are one week away from halfway there.  If I’m honest, I’m hoping this week will turn out to be the halfway point because that would mean an early December due date and not the Christmas one we are working towards.  Recently, the baby has taken to using my stomach lining as a punching bag.  It is the single most remarkable thing I have ever felt in my life and I am truly, truly addicted.  Ebin was even able to feel the baby move on Saturday night.  He sat on the floor, with his hand on my belly, and only had to wait for a second before the baby gave my left side a swift couple of kicks.  My precious husband looked up at me with the most excited and amazed look on his face.  It was awesome and I melted into a puddle.

Status Update: We are 11 days away from our ultrasound and I can hardly stand the wait.  People at the office are finally catching on and the bump has been getting some stares when we are out in public.  I’m still constantly tired (I even wake up tired) but I would like to think that I’m handling the fatigue better.  Ebin would likely say otherwise.  The carb loading continues, which may have helped bring me up to the 10 pound mark, but I’m still trying not to give into the dark side of pregnancy eating.  We’ll see how long that continues.

136 days down, 143 days to go!

Belly Shots: 19 Weeks


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