20 Weeks

20 WeeksMe, and Baby E, at 20 Weeks

So, we’re officially halfway done and that is exciting stuff.  Because we found out somewhat early (apparently, those tests are telling the truth when they say find out 5 days sooner) the road to this point has seemed verrrrrrrrrrrrry long.  I feel like I’ve been pregnant for 20 years, not 20 weeks.

Ebin was across the country for the whole week and, man, did that suck.  I wish I could say I spent the week productively preparing for our incoming guests next week but I will unabashedly admit that I spent much of the time with my feet up, watching trashy television and clearing our house of every ounce of emergency food.  Let’s just hope this weekend includes a trip or two to the grocery store.

Status Update: Only a few more days until THE ULTRASOUND!  I have been waiting for this one, single event since the moment the test turned positive and can barely wait any longer.  The pictures finally do a decent job of reflecting my growing girth.  Huge and getting huger.  Despite how large I have felt over the last few weeks, I was feeling pretty smug that the scale didn’t reflect the gains.  That all changed this week when I put on at least two pounds in as many days.  I have since stepped away from the french fries.

142 days down, 137 days to go!

Belly Shot: 20 Weeks


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