26 Weeks

26 Weeks

Me and Baby E at 26 Weeks

This weekend, my parents walked into our house for a visit and my mother promptly told me that I looked nowhere near as large as these weekly pictures might have one believe.  Thank goodness.  I wish all of you could see my “petite” stature in person and stand in awe of my lack of overall girth.  You could also help me hold up this belly, because large or small, this thing is HEAVY.

My saintly mother was in town to keep me company while my dad and husband attended a Gator game (Go Gators!) and to help me knock a few things off my baby preparedness list.  I am consistently amazed at my shopping stamina while housework wears me out within minutes.  I’ll take that as a sign that the baby only wants me to shop and save the housework for the non-existent maid.  Or my husband.

Status Update: I’m having a hard time keeping up with these weekly updates, can you tell?  I’m tired, I’m not sleeping well and keeping up with almost everything is proving increasingly difficult.  You may have noticed the latest week of 7 days, the self portrait project where not one picture of my face can be seen.  This was intentional as my chin(s) and cheeks are taking over my face and I just can’t stand to see it.  But not everything is awful.  This baby is a mover and feeling him roll and kick is still the most amazing thing ever.  I find it hard believe we’re about the enter the home stretch with less than 100 days left until he makes his debut.  I cannot wait!

187 Days Down, 93 Days to Go!

Belly Shot - 26 Weeks


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