We are at the hospital, waiting for the doctor to come in and tell us definitively that today is the day. It’s a little scary and more than a little overwhelming to think that this pregnancy is coming to a rapid end.  More to come, stay tuned.

Update: It’s 8:20 am and we have been at the hospital for about 7 hours. The doctor is doing what she can to prevent the baby from coming today. The contractions and bleeding have stopped for now. I’m completely miserable, having only slept about 25 minutes since we arrived, but I’m incredibly thankful the baby is good and strong and healthy.

Update: It’s 3:25 pm and the contractions are back though inconsistent. No bleeding but that can be brought on by contractions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to stop the contractions for good soon. We had an ultrasound that showed a beautiful, healthy baby who is probably handling this the best out of the three of us.

Update: It’s almost 10 pm and we are reaching the 24 hour mark. I am absolutely exhausted but afraid to sleep as that seems to be the time when these things happen. Still no bleeding which is good but we have learned that really doesn’t mean anything with this condition. Hopefully, we will make it through the night without another incident. The doctor is giving me something to sleep so hopefully, this is the last update of the day. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They have been felt and are greatly appreciated.



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2 responses to “Time

  1. Oh! I know it’s a bit earlier than you wanted. I will be praying for you guys today!

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