Friday Five: First Edition

  1. One week from today, I’ll be “celebrating” my 30th birthday.  I’m a little panicky about the whole thing and it is really dragging down the excitement level over my absolute favorite, FAVORITE day of the year.  My mother told me you are only as old as you feel.  I told her that is something only old people say.
  2. The good: The baby has finally mastered rolling from his back to his tummy, something he had been previously hesitant to do given the fact that he HATES being on his stomach. Hates.  The bad: He performed this skill for the first time at one o’clock this morning.  He seemed entirely unphased by this development at the time, however, and was snoozing peacefully when we checked on him.  The ugly: Being the paranoid, anxious and totally compliant anti-SIDS parent that I am, I made the choice to roll my sleeping baby back to his posterior side, consequently waking him and setting off a 2 and a half hour long scream fest.  Will not be doing that again.
  3. Speaking of not doing things, the Holt household seems to be going through a bit of a sleep recession.  What was once a mere nap strike has turned into a full-on sleep refusal.  This kid, he makes the sleep deprivation of the early days seem like a dreamy vacation.  Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on here?  Is he teething? Or is it sleep regression? An infantile rebellious phase?  Help!
  4. Last weekend, I went bathing suit shopping for the first time since having Baby E and guess what? It was pretty awful.  So unpleasant, in fact, that I’m thinking about possibly starting to eat well/exercise to rid my body of some of the more jiggly parts.  Just as soon as these Oreos are gone.  And this ice cream.  Aaaand this bag of salt and vinegar potato chips.  Waste not, want not, right?
  5. Look at what he can do!Look what I can do!He is still a little shaky and it took quite some time for us to get to this point, but look at my big boy! Sitting all by himself! He is so proud and so am I.


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2 responses to “Friday Five: First Edition

  1. 1. Eh, 30’s not a big deal. Especially not when you have a baby to remind you to look at the world with wonder!
    2. Don’t you know the #1 rule of parenting is NEVER disturb a sleeping baby!? 🙂 Once they can roll *themselves* over, you generally don’t have to worry about turning them back over. Still put him down on his back, yes, but you don’t need to worry about it if he rolls to his tummy in his sleep.
    3. Babies/toddlers often go through a sleep regression when they’re about to master a new skill, like crawling or sitting up or whatever. It’s like their brains are running at full-speed and it keeps them from sleeping. Or perhaps his new skill is realizing that he can keep himself awake?
    4. I feel your bathing-suit, need-to-start-working-out-again pain. I so feel it, sister.
    5. Hooray for sitting up! Next stop, crawling!

    • splendorly

      Thanks for the great advice, Bethany. I definitely learned my lesson with the sleeping baby thing. Will not be doing that again!

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