Friday Five: Beach Bum Edition

  1. Baby E and I just got home after a week at the beach.  We had a great time catching up with old friends, eating chocolate cake for breakfast, lazing in the sun (me) and basking in the glowing admiration of every, single person we came across (him).  You can see a few pictures from our trip in our Life’s a Beach flickr set.
  2. There are many things one thinks about when traveling alone with a baby – what to pack, where to stop along the way, etc.  One thing I failed to consider on the trip down to the beach was how to use the restroom without an extra set of hands or the use of the stroller (which was buried under our stuff and was WAY to big and bulky to lug out for a trip to the toilet).  I ultimately decided to use the baby carrier and, well, that was an experience for both us.
  3. My birthday weekend last week was amazing.  So great I almost forgot I was turning 30.  Ebin and I had a delicious dinner out, ALONE, on Friday and then came home and crashed on the couch.  Romantic, no?  The next day, we shopped a bit and then headed out for what I thought was a celebratory lunch with a few friends.  It was instead my very first (and very best) ever Surprise! party.  I still can’t believe how good all of my friends and family were at lying to my face and how easily I bought into their deceptions.  I might be worried if I wasn’t so touched.
  4. Look at this baby:

    Those Eyes!

    Look at those eyes. He is so breathtaking, I can’t believe he’s mine.  This was taken at a very fancy restaurant on Thursday night and I can’t even believe how well he handled to whole situation.  He was so quiet and content and he just sat there, wooing everyone around him.  Lock your daughters up, people.  This kid is a heartbreaker.

  5. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially my own dear husband who is the best dad a baby could ask for.  Thank you, babE, for everything you do for us.  We love you!

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