Friday Five: I Totally Forgot it Was Friday Until 5 Minutes Ago Edition

  1. A local portrait studio is having a “cutest baby” contest and I am not ashamed to admit that today, we went in and had Baby E’s picture taken to enter.  Now, I realize that this contest was nothing more than a clever ploy to get customers into the studio and that we totally fell for it (and purchased a fairly expensive portrait package while we were at it), but you guys…you should see these pictures.  I knew this kid was cute but these pictures are an embarassment of riches.  The promotion ends tomorrow and I have no idea when they will select a “winner” but if we hear anything, I’ll be sure to post it here.
  2. This better not show up on the internet...

  3. This is not the picture we entered, just in case you were worried, but it was taken at the studio while the photographer was distracted. I know E will hate me for this later, but, he’s so pretty!
  4. I am desperate to find some cost effective (free), local activities that E and I can do together during the week that do not take place in a retail environment.  There is only so much mall walking one girl can do before she goes broke buying cute clothes for her cute baby.  And, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Target every day may actually be too much Target.  I also don’t think he’s getting too much out of our shopping adventures.  At this rate, his first words will be “Credit or Debit.”  He’s so little and immobile and his interests are so limited that I cannot think of anything we could possibly do with our afternoons.  Do you have a baby?  If yes, what sort of activities do you and said baby enjoy?  Please help, the walls are closing in.
  5. Baby E had his first run in with a stomach bug earlier this week and, let me tell you, we all suffered through that one.  Thankfully, a friend at church gifted us a pack of perfectly sized diapers the morning the whole thing started so we were well prepared.  It was really gross and we lost at least one really cute outfit to the cause but I think I handled the situation well, with no gagging and relative calm.  At least until he pooped on me while I was taking his temperature.  After that, I made Ebin take over dirty diaper duty whenever he was home until the illness had passed.
  6. Troops, America, flags, fireworks, hot dogs and hamburgers – I hope you celebrate it all this weekend.  Happy 4th everybody!


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3 responses to “Friday Five: I Totally Forgot it Was Friday Until 5 Minutes Ago Edition

  1. Does your local library have a story hour for little ones? Maybe there’s a rec center that has free or low-cost classes for moms and babies. In a town where I used to live there was a coffee shop called JavaMama with a play area for kids, and they had a big room in the back where different people offered all kinds of classes in yoga, languages, music, etc. for kids and parents.

    • splendorly

      Thanks Bethany! I know our downtown library branch has story time but the only time they have interferes with naptime and I am hesitant to mess around with nap schedules. Not right now at least. I’ll have to check into the Parks and Rec stuff but that is a great idea! Maybe I should just start something myself!

      • You know, the absolute BEST thing I did with Annalie was a playgroup my friend Rebekah started when our girls were both about a year old. She just gathered together a half-dozen moms she knew (mostly from our church, with some neighbors thrown in) with babies about the same age, and we took turns hosting at our homes for a couple hours every Friday morning. What’s funny is we all, except Rebekah, were reluctant to be part of a playgroup but it turned out to be the best thing ever, for the moms and kids. That group was our ROCK during the three years we lived in Maryland, those kids were Annalie’s first best friends, and I’m still close friends with the moms even though we moved away when Annalie was four. So maybe you should start something yourself…you never know where it might lead! 🙂

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