Scenes from our First Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July!

Our first family Fourth of July was pretty low key, as are most things around this house. We slept in, cleaned house and headed out for some fun in the afternoon after the baby’s last nap.

The plan was to go to the beach and enjoy the last bit of the day in the sand and the surf because surely most of the crowds would have cleared by the time we arrived. We could not have been more wrong. Apparently, the party was just getting started and instead of enjoying our family time, we drove around for more than an hour looking for a parking spot before finally giving up and heading back to our side of town.

So, we went to a neighborhood park and had a little impromptu photoshoot. Afterwards, we grabbed some Mexican food as is our new 4th tradition. It was the perfect plan, we thought. Enchiladas and tacos for us, fresh avocado for the baby. I mean, if any restaurant in town would have baby accepted and approved food options, it would be the avocado rich Mexican restaurant. Wrong again. No avocado, we were told, but would you like some delicious guacamole? Hmmm…. Neither of the restaurants next door had anything for him either, so the poor baby babe ended up eating some refried beans off my finger tip. (Don’t worry, we scarfed our food and headed straight home to feed him a proper meal of oatmeal and mango.)

After the baby went to bed, Ebin and I joined the neighbors in the street to set off our own little fireworks display. Together, we were able to cobble together a fun little show (our cheap, little ones and their big, expensive ones). It was the perfect end to our day and I’m a little bummed the baby slept through the whole thing.  Oh well, I guess there’s next year.

Happy Birthday, America!  Thanks for the party!


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One response to “Scenes from our First Fourth of July

  1. What kind of Mexican restaurant doesn’t have avocado? That’s been one of Elliora’s favorite meals for ages now, avocado & refried beans!

    Sounds like it was an excellent 4th.

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