Friday Five: Help Wanted Edition

Happy Friday!

1.  Ladies and gentlemen – we have a tooth!  His first pearly white (front, bottom right) popped through the gum on Tuesday.  I feel like this child has been teething since birth, so to finally, FINALLY, see something come from all the drool and whining and sleeplessness is awesome!  Pictures to come, if I can get him to take his hand from his mouth for five seconds.

2.  We finally booked our New York trip(!), including tickets to see Jimmy Fallon(!!) which was like the one thing I wanted to do in the city.  Beyond that, though, I’m not exactly sure how best to maximize our time.  We’ll be there less than 72 hours and will really only have one full day for touristy stuff so I don’t want to try to cram everything into this trip.  There is so much to see and do that the whole thing is completely overwhelming.  Feel free to offer your New York City advice, suggestions, and ominous warnings.

3.  I have not been to see a movie in a movie theater since September 17, 2010, when my husband and I wasted $20 to see Grown Ups.  People, this cannot stand!  I am desperate to see the final HP movie (I missed Deathly Hallows, Part 1 thanks to bedrest/early delivery/NICU baby) but don’t have a babysitter.  I don’t even know how to go about finding a reliable, trustworthy mini-me to care for my preshus. How do normal people ever leave the house after 6:30 pm without dragging a cranky, screamy babe along? Suggestions, please.

4.  Speaking of ill-tempered children out way past their bed time, tomorrow night, we will bring along our baby as we say so long to our dear, dear friend Charles who is moving away to Philadelphia to see the world, broaden his horizons and learn some stuff about God and the Bible at seminary.  The baby won’t be the only one crying either.  Charles was one of my very first friends when I moved to town and has remained the most loyal, most considerate, most wonderful person we know.  We are super sad to see him go and we’re going to miss him like crazy.  Philly, please be kind.  Don’t be a stranger, Charlie Brown.

5. We’ve been working on helping Baby E with his speech and language development, but things aren’t going as one might hope.  Something tells me we may have a bit of a battle on our hands:

Happy Friday, everybody!  Hope you have a great weekend.



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4 responses to “Friday Five: Help Wanted Edition

  1. I’m jealous of that tooth. Elliora has been acting like she’s doing some serious teething lately, complete with total grouchiness, but her big sister didn’t get ANY teeth till she was almost 14 months old (when she got six teeth within a few days). So I am not holding my breath for any of Elliora’s teeth to appear soon.

    Have you been reading doow’s accounts of their trip to NYC at her blog, dreamdust? They were only there for a few days and might have some advice for you!

    Movies…we wait till my mom comes to town, or till we’re visiting my parents in Omaha. That’s when we do most of our movie-going. We’ve actually been taking Elliora to most movies with us, though. It’s getting to the point where she doesn’t sleep as much through the movie as she used to, though, so I don’t want to take her to see HP. We didn’t leave Annalie with a non-grandma babysitter till she was 10 months old, and then we left her with our friends from Bible study who had a 1-year-old of their own, just for a couple of hours so we could go out for our anniversary. I’ve heard good things about but have never used it personally.

    Wow, is E actually shaking his head ‘no’ in that video!? I’d say he’s advanced for language and communication if he is! 🙂

    • splendorly

      I wish he was shaking his head no, but I’m pretty sure he’s really just rubbing his head against the back of the seat because he’s learned that we’ll laugh if he does that when we ask him a question. He is pretty hard headed though, so I guess you never know.

      I’ll check out sittercity, I hadn’t heard of that. We have some appropriately aged girls at our church but I don’t really know them or their history so I’m a little hesitant. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to bribe my mom into coming to town. Good thing she’s a sucker for a cute baby!

      I have a friend whose daughter didn’t get a tooth until 13 months and I was a little worried we were headed in that direction. The tooth is cool until he starts biting while nursing (something he did previously sans teeth). Then, the tooth will be the bane of my motherly existence.

      I’ll have to read up on Dreamdust’s New York Trip, thanks for the rec. 🙂

  2. I’ve been trading some babysitting with a friend of mine. The only bummer is that I have one kid and she has three… I know that I can trust her and she won’t, like, act like a teenager and text her BFF while my son paints his room with the nail polish he’s found in the bathroom etc.
    (And yes, I know – there are reliable teens that are totally capable of babysitting… I just also don’t know how to find them. Bummer.)

    • splendorly

      That is a really good idea – thanks Sonja! I have a few friends that might be interested in a co-op. Thankfully, they only have one or two kids. I commend you for taking on an extra three!

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