Friday Five: My Last Five Pins Edition

Like almost everyone else on the internet, I’ve fallen head over heels for Pinterest.  I spend entirely too much time scouring the depths of the web for lovely things and pouring over the pins of others, looking for inspiration in every aspect of my life.  These are the latest bits of interesting rocking my world:

1.  I’ve started pulling together some ideas for Baby E’s big birthday party (I know, it’s four months from now but believe me, I need all the time I can get) and this shirt from happy family is the perfect look for my big boy.  I think it would be great to get one of these for every year and photograph his growth as time goes by.


2.  I’m totally in love with this print from dkim.  We have two of her prints flanking our bed right now and I think this would be a lovely addition to our collection.  Don’t you go breaking my heart and steal this out from underneath me.


(image c/0 the Merriment Blog)

3.  I have been trying for ages to come up with the perfect color palette for our living room and I think this one hit the nail right on the head.  These colors seem made for each other and I’m hoping this will be the perfect jumping off point.


(image c/o

4.  For the last several years, my sense of personal style has languished under the pressure of marriage and life and, now, motherhood.  I used to feel confident in my ability to pull together an outfit but now, with my wardrobe filled with cheap t-shirts and ill fitting shorts/jeans/yoga pants, I have no idea how to dress myself.  I’m using Pinterest as a way to catalog looks to take with me shopping as I try to build a wardrobe of easy, casual and comfortable staples that will stand the test of time while still looking current and trendy.  This is just one of many great outfits I’ve come across and it’s something I think I could pull off with my new post baby bod.

5.  I love this idea from Dani at Life’s a Journal.  I’ve wanted to throw a dinner party for a long, long time and I think this is a great idea for simple, easy placecards.  If I ever get to invite people over, I’ll be sure to use this idea.

Do you pin?  I’d love to see what inspires you.

Happy weekending, everybody!  Hope you have a great one.


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