Friday Five: Slow News Day Edition

And we’re back!  Friday Five is back after taking a brief hiatus so my husband and I could enjoy some baby free fun in the Big Apple (more on that to come).  Despite the near two weeks of silence, things have been a little slow around our place.   Here is all the news that’s fit to print.

1.   For the last 5 days, Ebin and I have been suffering through following a “detox” diet plan to cleanse, renew and break the horrible food habits we’ve fallen into since having the baby.  In other words, we’ve spent the week miserable and hungry and really, REALLY wanting a cookie.  You see, most people lose weight after having a child but I, after an initial small loss courtesy of breastfeeding, have been packing the pounds back on like it was my job.  So, we cut out dairy, red meat, refined and artificial sweeteners, and almost all processed foods and focused on a limited menu of nutrient packed whole foods.  The results have been encouraging and I am proud to say we are both giving more thought to what goes into our mouths.  Hopefully, we can build on the momentum as this week was just a small part of a larger goal to lose weight before November.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


2.  Last night, I accidentally let a bug the size of a small plane into our bedroom.  I’m not even kidding, you guys, it was like I let Mothra into the house.  The thing came in the door, made it past my trademark arms flailing/eyes closed bug deflection system and started buzzing around the room.  After freaking out (it touched me!), I fled the room to summon Ebin to take care of the matter.  When we finally made it back to our room, we could hear the monster but could not see it.  Thus began the most unpleasant game of hide and seek I have ever played.  We finally found the stupid thing under a sombrero we had on our dresser (What? Isn’t that where you keep your sombrero?), donned our protective gear and trapped it under a cup.  Then we let it go in the yard.  The End.


3.  Three years ago this month, we brought home two of the most adorable puppies you have ever laid eyes on.  I can’t believe they were ever so little.  These days, they tend to lean more towards obnoxious and ill behaved, but, man, do I love those dogs.  They were my first babies, they are still my fur babies.  They have been so amazing with Baby E, so gentle and so careful, and I can’t wait to see their relationship bloom as E gets older.  (You can read the saga of their homecoming here.)


4.  I wanted to take a moment to correct a statement I made last weekend on Twitter about my husband.

Apparently, I misheard Ebin when we were discussing Ms. Spears and her body of work.  He did not say that he thought Crossroads was good.  He said that he thought Britney was kinda good in the movie.  (Because that makes everything better?)  I apologize for the error.


Baby E with Nana and Papa D

5. Tomorrow is my parents’ 35th anniversary.   Wowsers!  That is amazing and such an admirable accomplishment.  They are the best parents a girl could have and I have been truly blessed.  Congratulations, you guys.  We love you!

Happy weekending everyone!  Stay away from hurricanes!


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