10 Months!

10 Months!

I think I say this every month, but this is all going by a little fast, isn’t it?

In the last month, this boy has hit quite the developmental growth spurt.  Sitting up!  Standing (with some help)!  Crawling out of the bathtub!  It’s amazing to think of all the little things he does every day with ease that he couldn’t do just a few weeks ago.  It’s also a little scary to think of all that we need to do around here to make our home a little safer for this soon to be mobile, busy little man.

The best part of watching him grow, though, is seeing his personality develop.  He’s funny, and silly and can charm the pants off of almost anyone.  He even knows all the tricks to woo the checkout ladies in the grocery store.  I’m pretty sure this kid is gonna break some hearts.  Lock up your daughters, folks!

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